I am Rosie, a local to North Cornwall since birth I grew up in Polzeath and now live on the Padstow side of the estuary with my partner, our two year old daughter, Bazil the sea fox and Panthro the witches cat. Having spent eight happy summers lifeguarding the local beaches the state of our oceans and coastlines is a matter that is close to my heart and one of the driving factors behind wanting to make a change for the good of the planet.



The idea for Replenish was born in December 2017. I had seen the idea of zero waste shops popping up in various towns across the country and thought that it was a fantastic idea and such a necessary change in the right direction for the good of our planet and all creatures large and small, especially those being affected so devastatingly by plastic pollution. It made me want one to open near me so I could shop this way too, unfortunately there wasn’t anything at all at the time let alone within a reasonable travelling distance so the planning to start Replenish began. The plastic problem is on us, and we are the ones who need to fix it.



Replenish is located at Hawksfield, just outside of Wadebridge on the A39 with easy access and plenty of free parking. I felt that package free shopping should be as convenient as popping to the supermarket so setting up in a great location was of the upmost importance to me. OPEN NOW!